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 As a family we were looking for something to do together, Mum (Kathy) found a local class and Dad (Tony) & I were dragged along, my brother (Steven) somehow managed to avoid it! I have to say I did not enjoy the first few weeks; I felt awkward and just couldn’t get the hang of it. Then one week, I could do it!! We could all do a few dances, it was fun, and we had met new people. We expanded our weekly hobby to other classes and at one point we were out 6 days a week.

I was given the opportunity to teach in 1996 and be part of a club called Tres Amigos; a thank you goes out to Suzy Q for giving me the mic for the very first time - even though I was too nervous to say anything!!! 

Our 1st Journey as Peace-train
Peacetrains first stop was at Sandridge in April 1998, then just under a year later, we added a stop at Marlborough school. During this time, the Monday Class as Tres Amigo’s at Roller City still continued and finally became the 3rd Peacetrain stop.

All 3 classes have a different dynamic, but all have fantastic passengers (members) and we consider them all friends.

For Details of All Classes:- Where to Dance

We are priviliged to have enormous support,  and we would like to introduce you to some of the team..

Check out the Gallery..Photo Gallery


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