First Female Crystal Boot Award Winning DJ 2019


Dedicated Linedance DJ 

Some Stats:

Michelle's 13th Year as a Nominee within the Crystal Boot Award over various Categories (these include Rising Star, Dedicated DJ, UK Instructor, Female Personality, UK Choreographer along with various Nominated Dances)

Michelle is the First Female Crystal Boot Award Winning DJ, 

This is the 10th Year for the Award, Previous Winners
Dave Baycroft  - 5 Time Winner, Gary Lafferty - 4 Time Winner 

Michelle is a Linedance Event DJ almost every weekend of the year and co-DJ at Peace-Train with Dad Tony.

In Michelle's case the Linedance Event DJ is the Weekend Host, Instructor, DJ and MC!! 

DJ's get the Party Started, try to please as many groups as possible (although impossible to play every request for everybody!) She also support the dance floor by leading or guiding the floor. 

Fun Fact:

Michelle's Lucky Number is 22, anyone that knows her, knows that she will choose to sit in Row 22 on a plane, or if sat at table 22 it will make her Smile even broader!!  SO... when Nominations were released all the correlating numbers where she was listed added to 22 ! the year 2020 has two number twos! ..... so we will stick with her on this one! xx